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I'm Ivan and I live in San Jose, California. I'm also a husband, a dad to four kids, and I ride my bike a lot. I've shot weddings and families professionally for over a decade now. Here are  a few things you should know about me and how I shoot.


When I shoot weddings, I have two goals.

First, I want to capture the story of the day. I'm not concerned about getting that one perfect shot. Instead, I want to create a collection of images that portray that beautiful and lifetime event for the couple and for the family.

Second, I want to capture the love between the two people. In my mind it is best done through photo-journalistic style of photography, also known as the documentary style. I try to blend into the wedding crowd and become one of the guests who quietly takes pictures and hardly ever gets noticed. I don't pose my clients unless these are formal group shots or couple wants a formal portrait. My favorite photos are those that are candid and unposed. I don't have a shot list, and I don't ask one from my clients. 

In other words, I'm the perfect photographer if photography is the last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day, but you also want  to preserve the timeliness story of your wedding that you can relive again and again as decades go by. 

Because wedding photography is not my main source of income, I shoot because I love to, not because I have to. I also limit the number of weddings I shoot every year to less than 10. This way I enjoy and work my hardest at each and every one of them. I also edit all the photographs myself. 

While I shoot most of my weddings inside San Francisco Bay Area, I'm happy to travel and have shot weddings all across US and in Europe. 


I actually picked up a camera more seriously as soon as I found out my wife and I were expecting our first child. I wanted to do my best to capture his childhood and to record a history of our family through photography. 

Ever since then, I haven't stop taking photos, and I shoot my family just about every day. 

Just like with weddings, I care the most about emotions and the relationships between family members. I shoot with an emphasis on that, and while I do direct those shoots a bit more than weddings (especially when there are kids involved!),  I'm very easy going and try to have as much fun wit the family as I would have with my own when we're out and about and I have my camera with me. I get told again and again by my clients that the shoots with me are the easiest and the funnest ones that they have ever done. 

You can also see my fine art work at www.ivanmakarov.com and get to know me better through my blog, on my family site, or through any of the social channels below.
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